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Note: As of Maya 2014, NEX has been officially integrated into Maya and is now branded as the Modeling Toolkit (MTK).
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Introducing the world's first Connect tool that will let you connect vertices, edges, polygons, or any combination of the three! The Connect tool also seamlessly integrates with the new NEX Symmetry feature. You can make single edge connections or multiple using the Connect tool's custom options.

The Multi-Cut tool integrates three similar tools into one powerful tool. You get a much more reliable and interactive Polygon Split Tool, Cut Faces Tool, and Insert Edge Loop Tool. The powerful NEX pre-selection highlighting engine is fully integrated into the Multi-Cut tool, so you'll know exactly what will happen before you make it happen.

The NEX Symmetry feature unleashes the power of the NEX toolset onto both sides of your mesh. In addition to mirroring all the mesh editing tools within NEX, your selections will be automatically mirrored. This allows you to apply mirroring with most native Maya commands and custom scripts you create or download. Even transformationally-asymmetric meshes can be used with the new NEX Symmetry feature.

Symmetry Tips and Tricks
In this video you'll learn how to best use the new Symmetry feature within NEX. Right now, you can only use symmetry on meshes that are topologically symmetrical.

A very special thanks to Raveen "AdmiralRa" Rajadorai for providing the 3d creature used in all the demo videos!
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