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Note: As of Maya 2014, NEX has been officially integrated into Maya and is now branded as the Modeling Toolkit (MTK).
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General Questions

NEX is a unique plugin for Maya that includes a set of tools designed to increase the speed, accurracy, and efficiency of your workflow. Frequent actions like of manipulating components within Maya become more natural thanks to the unique integration of all NEX selection and transformation tools. Arduous jobs like resurfacing meshes can actually be fun using the NEX Quad Draw tool. Common polygon modeling tasks like Splitting faces, Connecting edges, or beveling have been reworked with maximum efficiency and interactivity in mind. Best of all, NEX does all this without leaving any custom nodes in your scene, or introducing any scene plugin depdendencies.

No, unlike almost all other Maya plugins, NEX only makes use of nodes that come with Maya (e.g. tweak, extrude, or bevel). Even the new Connect tool doesn't create a unique node. We realize creating unique or dependant nodes can complicate pipelines. Rest assured, you can safely use NEX without having to worry about opening files on machines without NEX. Files will open and save perfectly intact, making them completely portable.

Yes, you can download them here.

No, NEX is only for Maya.

We have a long list of new features planned, but until they are done and effectively working, we would rather not promise anything. Having said that, NEX is a plugin that intends on enhancing the workflow and interactivity of all facets of Maya, this includes animation, texturing, and rendering. If you have any specific features that you'd like for us to work on, please take a moment to create a free account with us, and post your suggestions in the NEX forums.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. We take bug reports very seriously, please report all bugs to us directly so that we may be able to contact you to help resolve it. If possible, please use the Report Incident command within NEX (Maya > NEX > Help > Report Incident...).

NEX has many levels of integration within Maya. You'll find features of NEX integrated within the Maya hotbox, Status Line, Menu Bar, Toolbox, as well as many other areas. Each level of integration is fully documented in the NEX help, and can be fully customized via the NEX Options dialog.

If you don't see a new menu item titled "NEX" on the main menu bar, please make sure that NEX is loaded within the plug-in manager (Maya > Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager > dRasterMaya.mll [ x ] Loaded [ x ] Auto load). If you need further assistance with any installation problems, let us know. We're more than happy to help.

We don't have a solid ETA on NEX v2.0. We're hoping to continue with polygon modeling features, as well as introduce some new animation tools. We'll send out more information to those registered with us as soon as we have that available.

This typically means that your NEX installation or graphics driver is outdated. Please ensure that you're using the latest version of NEX and that you have the latest graphics drivers installed (NVIDIA, ATI / AMD, or Intel). If you are still experiencing an issue, please send an incident report using the "NEX Menu > Help > Report Incident" dialog. We will follow up on these reports promptly.

Licensing Questions

Your activation key is available immediately after your purchase, and can be found within your dRaster.com user account. You will receive an email detailing how to create your Activation Key.

Since your license became available immediately upon purchase, you don't need to wait for the email. You can activate it right now using these instructions:

  • If you haven't already, get NEX and install it.
  • Once installed, within the Maya menu, go to NEX > Help > Show Licensing... and click on the "Manage Licensing..." button.
  • You may be asked to log in with your dRaster.com username and password. Be sure to use the account that you used when you purchased NEX.
  • This page displays a list of all your licensed products. Find "NEX" in the list, and click on the "Add a System ID" link.
  • Follow the remaining instructions to generate your activation key and paste it into the licensing dialog.

Concerning the email -- depending upon Internet conditions, email can take some time. It can also be inadvertently marked as spam, so you may want to check your spam folder and/or filtering options.

No. NEX 1.5 is a free upgrade for all NEX 1.0 customers. Your existing NEX 1.0 activation key will work with NEX 1.5.

We try to update NEX for every new release of Maya. So far, we've updated NEX within a week of each Maya release and every update has been free of charge. Our intention is to continue this trend for every point release of NEX. If, and when, we update NEX to 2.0, we may have a discounted upgrade charge for our NEX v1.5 customers.

No. A license can only be applied to one machine.

No, you'll need another license for that. We do, however, offer a discount for a secondary license (for use at home or on your laptop). Click here for more information.

No. You may purchase additional licenses under one account, then use one unified license file across all of your machines.

Your license can always be found by logging into your dRaster.com account. Generally, reformatting and most hardware changes will not require a new activation key.

If you've replaced your machine and you'd like to transfer your NEX license to your new machine, please fill out the license transfer request form. Please be sure to log in with the dRaster.com account that has the NEX license that you wish to transfer, and allow 24 hours for the entire transfer process to finish. Until the transfer is complete, feel free to use NEX in its fully functional evaluation mode.

Yes, for more information on student discounts, you must create a dRaster.com user account and click here.

Yes. For more information, please contact us.

We do allow license transfers, but that's limited to situations where you are replacing or radically upgrading a machine. In most instances, you can use the 30 day trial for machines that you're only going to be using temporarily. If you have a license, but need to use another machine for slightly longer than 30 days for freelance work please contact us, and we'll send you an extended trial license.

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