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Note: As of Maya 2014, NEX has been officially integrated into Maya and is now branded as the Modeling Toolkit (MTK).
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Version: for Maya 2011-2013.5
Release Notes:
  • Added: Support for Maya 2013.5
  • Added: Hover Tooltip to remind that Shift key can be toggle Surface constraint
  • Code sign the Windows installer
  • Fixed: NEX functions can cause issues in non-interactive modes (e.g. batch render), so we now turn off NEX for non-interactive Maya sessions
  • Added: Preliminary support for Maya 2011 on OS X 10.6 and up.
  • Fixed: Incorrect dialog being displayed when trial fails
  • Fixed: Error dialog on plugin load in rare cases
  • Added: Optimize code for double-click on face shell selection
  • Fixed: Marquee box display is not displaying in VP2.0 on Linux
  • Fixed: Some visual artifacts while using VP 2.0 and non VP2.0 viewports together.
  • Fixed: Multi-Cut tool help is out of date
  • Fixed: Face extrude dragger would translate PSH edges instead of changing face extrusion attributes
  • Fixed: Slide Components option now respect axis constraints
  • Fixed: Set default option to Fill Ngons on Edge Bevels
  • Fixed: Loop subtract cursor not displaying
  • Added: Adopt Maya tweak hotkey (default: `) within NEX transformation tools
  • Added: Double-Click Shell Selection for faces with custom cursors
  • Fixed: Offset dragger for extrude should be adaptive based on object size
  • Fixed: Mesh editing tool icons are too dark
  • Fixed: Preselection highlight flickering while moving mouse over mesh components
  • Fixed: Free rotation manip highlighting
  • Fixed: Transform constraints dropdown element slowness
  • Fixed: "Overlay Append Mesh" text gets truncated on OSX
  • Fixed the right click > Complete Tool marking menu item in Extrude and Bevel
  • Added ability to repeat Bevel, Extrude, Bridge, and Connect using 'g' key. The last used parameters are also preserved.
  • Consolidated the QuadDraw reference mesh and slide mesh into a single UI element under "Transform Constraints" in the NEX panel.
  • Added "Append Mesh Overdraw" feature to QuadDraw. This allows for easier viewing of your topology mesh in Quad Draw.
  • Fixed issue to display correct cursor after camera navigation.
  • Fixed several help links within NEX to point to the NEX 1.5 help pages and video pages
  • Depreciated the Shift-Ctrl Extrude option.
  • Resolved VS2010 redistributable dependency that could cause NEX loading issues on some systems.
  • Hard selections now follow the soft selection curve rather than being locked at 100% weight.
  • Soft selection weights are now preserved across transforms. They still get updated upon selection change.
  • Small clean up of the NEX panel -- lock the toolbox back to the bottom, correct a couple of icon spacings.
  • Correct an issue with soft selection in Maya 2011.
  • Fix for issue with preselect highlighting of child nodes when smoothing is enabled.
  • Fixed an inaccuracy in soft selection falloff
  • Added support for Maya 2013
  • Added support for Viewport 2.0 in Maya 2012 and Maya 2013
  • Improvements to soft selection falloff
  • Performance improvements on large selections
  • Fixed an issue with update checks
  • Fixed a manipulator handle selection issue with newer ATI drivers.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom pivot manipulator where the manipulator position would not correctly update during a snap dragging operation.
  • Improved Raycast Selection drawing performance.
  • NEX now automatically switches off the native Maya soft selection (if it's on) upon entering the NEX tool.
  • Fixed an issue where soft selection previews and manipulators weren't getting redrawn in their new positions after performing a shrinkwrap.
  • Improved the Ctrl+Shift+MMB Extrude dialog by allowing for negative Offset values using the slider (The range now goes from -1.0 to 1.0).
  • Fixed an issue where the prior NEX soft selection preview would flash on the screen for a moment just after completing a transform.
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate extrude node was created after using the left-click Extrude Dialog
  • Fixed drawing issues by completely rewriting OpenGL drawing code. Numerous issues are resolved, including but not limited to: viewport jittering, manipulator and component highlighting problems, and selection marquee ghosting. NEX should no longer need any driver setting changes for nVidia or ATi/AMD video cards. Tested on various GeForce cards, Quadro cards, and an AMD Radeon HD 6870 using default driver settings and NEX works perfectly.
  • Fixed all viewport drawing issues when ViewCube is displayed in viewport for Maya 2012. We still recommend disabling the viewcube for Maya versions 2008-2011.5 due to a Maya API drawing bug.
  • Fixed crash bug in Maya 2012 when using Ctrl+Backspace to delete edges
  • Fixed interactive Extrude tool Division setting, can no longer be dragged to 0 (invalid amount). Lowest limit is 1 (default).
  • Fixed several icon display issues, including NEX Status Line icon for Maya 2012
Date Released:

System Requirements:
Latest video card drivers - NVIDIA, ATI / AMD, or Intel
Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit or 64-bit): Autodesk® Maya® 7.0-2013.5
Linux: Autodesk® Maya® 2011-2013.5
Mac OS X 10.6/10.7: Autodesk® Maya® 2011-2013.5

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NEX for Maya 2011-2013.5
NEX for Maya 2011-2013.5
NEX for Maya 2011-2013.5
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