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Note: As of Maya 2014, NEX has been officially integrated into Maya and is now branded as the Modeling Toolkit (MTK).
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"NEX is a well thought out, superbly executed, perfectly integrated powerhouse of a tool that every Maya artist should be lucky enough to have in their arsenal. From Custom Coordinate Space to Quad Draw every feature in NEX adds a level of speed, efficiency and functionality that truly changes the modeling workflow for the better. If all of the praise about the tool wasn't enough, the dRaster team seals the deal with their commitment to supporting the wants and needs of the 3D artist community."

Max Dayan
Associate Director of Education
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
"NEX is the single most powerful addition to Maya that I have in my arsenal. It adds a complete suite of features that are now an essential part of my workflow. I deal with scan data on a daily basis, and NEX has the best resurfacing tools of any 3d application. Best of all, it allows me to stay safely within Maya for my entire pipeline."

Josh Robinson
Lead Character Artist, Electronic Arts
"NEX immediately impressed me with its cohesive and fluid integration into Maya's existing toolset. Beyond bringing all the standard modeling tools into a single, clean, and interactive package, NEX also adds powerful new features that Maya has been missing for years. It's easy, interactive and efficient. NEX is truly a must-have addition to any modeler's tool belt."

Patrick Switzer
Character Artist, Pendulum Studios
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